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What Is An Areola Tattoo? Things You Should Know A...

Tattooing isn’t new to anyone these days. People get tattoos for fun, as well as for medical reasons. A great example of it is the areola tattoo. It has helped many women live a normal life after they went through a life-threatening disease like cancer. With time, more and more people have started enquiring about the areola tattoo and how it can help them. This guide intends to help such people learn more about it. 

What Is Areola Tattoo?

Just like you get tattoos on the face, neck, or head to enhance the overall physical appearance, areola does the same, except the fact that it offers a lot more than what standard tattoos do. Areola tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup art, in which a skilled artist creates a 3D tattoo in the breast area to make it look as realistic as possible.

According to, a well-known clinic offering areola tattoos and other services to people in need; getting an areola tattoo takes close to 60 minutes, and its results last longer than microblading or SMP. 

Usually, as the procedure is about to start, the artist numbs the breast area to avoid any sort of pain with a topical numbing cream. Once the body around the breast area gets numbed, they use a small electronic machine equipped with sterile needles and color pigment. This pigment is inserted in the skin carefully to create nipples visually. Since the tattoo is 3D in nature, even though this treatment doesn’t create nipples, you get a visual of real nipples and areola area. 

Women who have survived breast cancer tend to go for this tattooing treatment as it’s less complicated, affordable, and gives impressive results.

The Only Guide To Vitamins and Hair Loss You Must ...

Hair loss is one of the most common health conditions these days. Everyone from teenagers to elderly people suffers from it at some point. There are several reasons responsible for hair loss. In this guide, you’ll learn those reasons and how to cure them with the right vitamins’ help. 

Hair Loss And Vitamin Supplements

According to experts at Trillium Ink, hair loss happens because of two major reasons. The first reason is bad food habits, and the second is pattern baldness. While the symptoms of pattern baldness can be controlled with scalp micropigmentation and tattooing, the hair loss occurred due to bad food habits can only be controlled by including necessary nutrients in your food. 

Usually, the lack of vitamins and proteins in the scalp area leads to hair loss. You need to make sure that your body receives a proper quantity of these necessary vitamins and proteins to recover from hair loss. One of the first names on this list is Vitamin A. It controls many critical functions in the body, including the growth & development of cells and immune functions. You should not take it more than required (which is around three times a day) to keep hair loss under control. 

Vitamin B is known for supporting metabolism. Biotin, B12, folate, etc. are very important for the body, and their deficiency can lead to hair loss related problems in both men and women. You can easily find supplements that are rich in Vitamin B to keep the situation under control. 

Some other vitamins you must regularly take for hair growth are Vitamin C, D, E, etc. It’s best to consult with a hair care expert and get a prescription as per your hair condition.

How To Choose The Right Permanent Makeup Artist?

Permanent makeup has given women a new way to look at life and embrace their enhanced physical appearance. Earlier, they would accept the way they looked and never thought of changing things forever. Since there was no permanent way to improve their appearance, reduce baldness effects, or improve eyebrow shape, they were literally out of options and felt helpless most of the time. Thanks to various permanent makeup treatments, they don’t have to think like that anymore. 

From scalp micropigmentation to microblading, many treatments can get you permanent results. Check Marcia’s website for more information about microblading and other permanent makeup techniques. In case you are planning to go for any of these treatments, then choose an artist carefully. Here are a few things you can keep in mind for a hassle-free experience.

There is no point in asking an inexperienced artist to help you with SMP or microblading. It might save you some money, but the results won’t be as good as you expect. Instead, look for an artist who has a proven track record and years of experience in this field. 

If you are not sure about an artist’s skills, then check the online reviews given to them by people who opted for permanent makeup treatments from them recently. It’s the easiest and fastest way to know if an artist is worth the hype or not. Alternatively, you can also check their website for relevant certifications, training & experience, testimonials, and how comfortable they make you feel when you get in touch with them. 

Keep these points in mind and judge an artist carefully before hiring them for scalp micropigmentation, microblading, or any other type of permanent makeup treatment for a great and memorable experience.

Is Going For SMP Training Courses The Right Career...

SMP or scalp micropigmentation is one of the best ways to minimize the effects of baldness. In this technique, skilled SMP professionals use microneedles to implant hair follicles in the scalp area. These hair follicles resemble a shaved head so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed at a social gathering or public place. 

Given the pace at which hair loss cases are increasing these days, more and more people have started approaching hair care experts for SMP treatment. Since this treatment has long-lasting results, patients don’t think much before going for it. As a barber or professional hair care expert trying to learn a new skill, this can be a fantastic opportunity for you to make a move in this direction. 

You can read more by clicking here if you want to learn the SMP procedure step by step and become a master at it. The best thing about enrolling in an SMP training course at Scalp Micro is that it has flexible online and offline learning options, dedicated live support, industry experts for doubts clearing, and much more. 

Now the real question is — should you go for this course? 

You may be doing well in your existing job or business, but if you wish to learn a highly rewarding skill, then there is no point in holding yourself back from enrolling in this course. Many people from all over the globe have already signed up and are learning SMP from industry experts. You can also do the same and take your career and income to all new heights in a short period. 

Get in touch with the Scalp Micro team through their website if you have any doubts or concerns regarding the enrolment or want to ask something before moving forward.

How To Cure Female Pattern Baldness In Modern Time...

Female pattern baldness, often known as androgenetic alopecia, affects thousands of women across the globe. It’s similar to men’s pattern baldness, except the fact that women lose their hair in a different pattern than men. 

Hair loss in women is considered to be a normal thing as almost 67% of women lose their hair after menopause. Less than 50% of the women population makes it past the age of 65 with fully grown and healthy hair on their scalp. And one of the main culprits behind it is female pattern baldness. The only way to minimize the effects of it is by undergoing the correct treatment as soon as possible. You can head to to know about different treatments available for female pattern baldness and opt for the one that fits the file. 

Usually, medical professionals divide female pattern baldness into three types. The first one is Type I, in which a small amount of thinning starts around the scalp area. The Type II is when the bald patches start widening, and hair starts thinning. The Type III is when the bald patches become visible and spread all over your scalp. 

Some experts claim that the female pattern baldness sometimes is inherited to a woman by her ancestors. So, if your mother, father, or grandparents had baldness related issues, there are chances that you’ll also get affected at some point. 

It can hit you as early as in your early 20s and affect the entire scalp. So, instead of waiting for the female pattern baldness to disappear itself, take necessary actions right away. Visiting a hair-care expert is the most sensible step you can take in such a situation. It’s a highly recommended step to minimize the impacts of baldness and regrow hair quickly.