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Short hairstyles for men

Short hairstyles for men

Making the change

Going from long hair to short hair can be a challenge, especially if you’re not sure what to ask for. Once you decide to lob off your long locks, you’re going to need a style that works for you. Here are just a few of the most popular short hairstyles for men.

Buzz Cut

This is a popular short hairstyle, and probably the easiest to keep up with. Your barber will use the same size guard all around your head for a uniform length cut. If you have any patchy areas after the cut, you can get it filled in with ink using scalp micropigmentation. Scalp America says that this procedure, sometimes called SMP, originated in the UK and has since spread around the world to Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

More information about the procedure can be found here:

You can add a fun twist to this hairstyle by dying your hair after getting it cut. Whether you go blue or platinum blonde, a new hair color can turn this style on its head.


“Long on top, short on the sides” is what most people ask for when they go for an undercut. You can leave a little hair on top, or a lot. The important thing to ask for is a good contrast between the two lengths of hair so that it appears as clean as possible. You don’t want to question where the sides end and the top begins.

Some people opt for designs to be shaved into the sides of the hair. Although this is completely optional, you can ask for a couple of lines to be shaved in for an added bit of edge to this look. Or, go all out and choose a fun design! Your hair, your rules.


If you don’t want a super-stark contrast between the top of your hair and the sides, a fade may be the way to go. Fades work by blending the two lengths of hair together for a gentler transition. Fades differ from one another based on how high up they start; that is, you can ask for a high fade, a mid fade, or a low fade depending on how you’re feeling.

Another thing to consider is the amount of length you want on top. Remember that a fade only has to do with transition from top to sides, not the amount of length you want left on top. Play around until you find a length that works for you.

Completely smooth

Going completely bald can be an option for anyone who wants to take it one step further than a buzz cut. This style also works well for someone who is experiencing hair loss, as it eliminates the need to hide any patchiness. But, if you’re going completely bald, make sure to keep up with shaving your head, the stubble can and will grow back quickly. A good moisturizer will keep the bare skin hydrated and healthy after the shave, and will prevent any dry areas from forming.