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What Is An Areola Tattoo? Things You Should Know About It

What Is An Areola Tattoo? Things You Should Know About It

Tattooing isn’t new to anyone these days. People get tattoos for fun, as well as for medical reasons. A great example of it is the areola tattoo. It has helped many women live a normal life after they went through a life-threatening disease like cancer. With time, more and more people have started enquiring about the areola tattoo and how it can help them. This guide intends to help such people learn more about it. 

What Is Areola Tattoo?

Just like you get tattoos on the face, neck, or head to enhance the overall physical appearance, areola does the same, except the fact that it offers a lot more than what standard tattoos do. Areola tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup art, in which a skilled artist creates a 3D tattoo in the breast area to make it look as realistic as possible.

According to, a well-known clinic offering areola tattoos and other services to people in need; getting an areola tattoo takes close to 60 minutes, and its results last longer than microblading or SMP. 

Usually, as the procedure is about to start, the artist numbs the breast area to avoid any sort of pain with a topical numbing cream. Once the body around the breast area gets numbed, they use a small electronic machine equipped with sterile needles and color pigment. This pigment is inserted in the skin carefully to create nipples visually. Since the tattoo is 3D in nature, even though this treatment doesn’t create nipples, you get a visual of real nipples and areola area. 

Women who have survived breast cancer tend to go for this tattooing treatment as it’s less complicated, affordable, and gives impressive results.